Tutorial: Set up a MetaMask Wallet

In order to receive and send IDON, you will need to set up a digital currency wallet. MetaMask is a user-friendly and safe option for using on your desktop / laptop and mobile phone / tablet.


Protect your IDON from hackers and fraudsters. Please read these recommendations about crucial steps to take to store and use your IDON's safely.

1. Wallet Introduction

MetaMask is the leading self-custodial wallet. The safe and simple way to access blockchain applications and web3. Trusted by millions of users worldwide.

More info about Metamask: https://metamask.io/

Metamask Help Center: https://support.metamask.io/hc/en-us.

To learn more about Metamask and how to get started with it, please go here: https://support.metamask.io/hc/en-us/articles/360015489531-Getting-started-with-MetaMask.

2. Download & Installation

Metamask is available for installation on your internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Brave, Firefox), or on your mobile device (iOS and Android). Download your prefered option directly from the Metamask website: https://metamask.io/download/.

For installation in your internet browser on your desktop or laptop, you are installing Metamask as a browser extention.

For installation on your mobile phone or tablet, you are installing Metamask as an app.


Please note that the screens and terminology displayed below might change over time as Metamask makes changes to their app. In general the instructions should remain very similar.

3. Create New Wallet

After you have installed the browser extension or the iOS / Android app, you can create a new wallet.

You will be asked to set a new password to protect your app.

Next you will be shown a 12 word secret recovery phrase. You have to record this 12 word phrase somewhere safe (see CAUTION notice at the top of this page).

After this you will be asked to repeat your 12 word phrase, in the exact order as it was given to you in the previous step.

Once this is done, you now have a wallet. The wallet address will look something like this: 0xcEB5e8804d639FbF8245d7e045eA681CA7eCEE2F.

4. Configure Metamask for IDON / Idoneus Token

1. Click Import Tokens.

2. In the Custom Token screen, fill in the following information and then click Add Custom Token.

  • The IDON Token Address is: 0x12c5E73Ddb44cD70225669B9F6f0d9DE5455Bc31
  • Token Symbol: IDON
  • Decimals: 18

3. In the following screen you will be asked to confirm, click Add Token.

4. The Idoneus Token / IDON is now visible in your Metamask wallet. You can use your wallet address to send and receive IDON tokens.

5. Next Steps

  1. Learn how to Send IDON with Metamask: https://idoneus.io/support-hub/tutorial-how-to-send-idon-with-metamask/
  2. Learn how to add an additional layer of security to your IDON balance by using a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano in combination with Metamask: https://idoneus.io/support-hub/tutorial-how-to-connect-ledger-nano-to-metamask/
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