IDON Token Price (real-time)

Idoneus Ecosystem

IDON Token Definition

IDON is a digital payment token (a.k.a. cryptocurrency) and the enabler of the Idoneus Economy. It is used to buy, sell, rent and otherwise experience luxury assets, goods and services available on the Idoneus Platform, as well as from any individual or company that accepts IDON as a means of payment. From a technical perspective IDON is implemented as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Why use IDON Tokens?

Value Protection

IDON price value protected at a $10.00 minimum for public trading.

Multiply Options

Significantly increases the choices relative to existing holdings.

Devaluation Hedge

Swap fiat currency into IDON as a hedge to historic price devaluation.

Frictionless Trade

Skipping the middlemen and a full digital experience that is easy-to-use.

Transaction Speed

Transactions are executed on the best-established blockchain network.

Transaction Cost

Transactions are executed at a fraction of the costs of traditional finance.

Cash Independence

Little or no cash liquidity required to purchase high-value assets.

Price Advantage

Utilizing IDON can create savings of up to 10% on the original asset price.

Rewards Program

Automatic participation for all Token Holders (*to be rolled out in 2021).

How to Manage & Spend IDON Tokens?

Idoneus Platform

The Idoneus Platform is the central hub to access and interact within the Idoneus Economy, as well as to manage and spend IDON Tokens.

Idoneus Dashboard
Spend IDON

Idoneus Asset Portfolio

The exclusive public portfolio of assets in the Idoneus Economy is where Industry Partners and Asset Owners showcase their inventory, and is accessible to Token Holders to spend IDON on.

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How to Buy, Sell, Store & Trade IDON on Third-Party Platforms?

Idoneus has partnered with third-party platforms to expand the utilization of IDON, as well as providing additional avenues to buy, sell and trade IDON. As an ERC-20 token, IDON is supported on various Ethereum-compatible crypto wallets in order to receive, send and store IDON.

CoinLock IDON Platform

CoinLock is a platform that delivers increased utility to cryptocurrency by providing transformational value-added services and will provide IDON token holders with additional options.

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IDON on Crypto Wallets

You can receive, send and store IDON on any Ethereum-compatible wallet. We recommend you use one of the following wallet solutions:

CAUTION: Idoneus strongly recommends to take necessary security precautions to keep your IDON safe.

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