How is the price of IDON calculated?

Leading Edge & Industry First Approach to Pricing.

Given the issue of how to reflect the full value of IDON into the token price, an algorithmic approach to price discovery and determination was developed.

The pricing algorithm is based on quantitative, verified data regarding real-world movements of value in and out of the Idoneus Ecosystem. The value of IDON will go up or down based on multiple factors. This includes the value of the total portfolio’s token utility either added or subtracted from the portfolio, direct sales, number and frequency of IDON transactions. The value of IDON will never fall below $10.00 per token. All data is transparent, safe from manipulation and provides all stakeholders confidence in the health of the business and the utility of the IDON.

The total portfolio’s token utility is defined as the value of the portfolio where IDON is accepted as the method of payment. For every $1bn in token utility that is added to the portfolio, there will be a $1.00 increase in value of IDON. 

The most important aspect is the sales volume that occurs using IDON as method of payment and as such, this will be calculated with a 10x multiplier when compared to adding token utility to the portfolio, as referenced above. As an example, $100M in sales where IDON is used as method of payment will have the same effect as adding $1bn in token utility to the portfolio (a $1.00 increase in the value of IDON). 

A very conservative approach to the pricing model was taken, which has been designed to promote as much confidence as possible in the Idoneus Economy.

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