How is the public price value of IDON protected?

In order to protect all holders of IDON, we have put two value-protection mechanisms in place

The price value of IDON is protected by two mechanisms:

The first mechanism is that in the token smart contract we have programmed the function that a token transaction is only allowed if the public price of the token is at $10.00 or above. This also means you can not deposit or withdraw IDON from a cryptocurrency exchange, unless the price is at $10.00 or above.

The second mechanism is that the cryptocurrency exchanges and other token management platforms where IDON is listed, have implemented functionality that disables trading (buying and selling) of IDON below $10.00.

We have put these mechanisms in place as we desire to avoid any possibility for significant token holders to negatively impact the value of the entire Idoneus Economy by one significant holder divesting of their tokens at a grossly discounted value which could be a detriment to the entire ecosystem.

This value protection functionality gives all holders of IDON the confidence they require, while also providing the freedom to sell tokens privately at a price above or below $10.00 per token, as well as the option to use IDON tokens as payment for other items of value at any price basis two parties deem acceptable.  This functionality provides all holders of IDON significant avenues of utility, while protecting the overall value of the entire Idoneus Economy at the same time.

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