Why am I being asked to “specify the total amount, in CHF, that you plan to invest”?

For financial regulatory purposes you must enter the monetary amount of your relationship with Idoneus.

During the Onboarding Chatbot session, you will be asked several questions. One of the questions is: “specify the total amount, in CHF, that you plan to invest.”

For financial regulatory purposes, each new user must state an amount they are estimating they will “invest”, in order to determine the level of KYC that must be completed.

For simplicity sake, we assume that CHF and USD convert 1:1.

“Invest” can mean different things:

  • In the case of buying IDON, you should enter the CHF / USD value of the amount of IDON you are planning to buy.
  • In the case of a trade, it is the monetary value of the trade agreed.
    • Example: if a painting worth $500,000 (50,000 IDON) is being traded for IDON, you should enter CHF 500,000.
    • Example: if a signature estate worth $6,500,000 (650,000 IDON) is being traded for IDON, you should enter CHF 6,500,000.
  • In the case of future payment for products or services delivered to Idoneus, you should enter the expected amount of yearly revenue. For example, if you are a property management company that rents out villa’s via the Idoneus Platform, enter the amount of annual revenue you expect to earn.

The reality is that any transaction above CHF 5,000 will need the highest level of KYC completed so you can put any number above that as an anticipated investment amount however, it’s best to put a number that corresponds with the actual value of the trade / planned purchase / annual revenue.

This in no way commits you to buying IDON, it only serves as a benchmark for internal KYC requirements.

Please note that for buying IDON, there is a minimum amount of 500 IDON.

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