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Analyzing why the world needs Idoneus and why IDON can become a globally accepted currency, by First Principles reasoning.

First-principles thinking is one of the best ways to reverse-engineer complicated problems and unleash creative possibility. Sometimes called “reasoning from first principles,” the idea is to break down complicated problems into basic elements and then reassemble them from the ground up.” – https://fs.blog/2018/04/first-principles/

Over two thousand years ago, Aristotle defined a first principle as “the first basis from which a thing is known.” First principles thinking is a way to boil a concept / idea down to its most fundamental truth and reason up from there.

This analysis provides detailed information regarding the fundamental principles of Idoneus and its native cryptocurrency, IDON.

Section 1: First Principles Explanation of Idoneus and IDON

Here we review the importance of why Idoneus and IDON exist and the value-add each brings to the global marketplace.

Idoneus’ first principles – there are a significant number of luxury companies and HNWIs throughout the world that desire to receive full value for their luxury asset, good or service and they do not require traditional fiat cash to achieve this end. People desire a respective payment mechanism which provides them with a perceived number of satisfactory choices. Idoneus has built and continues to strengthen an online, digital economy which provides precisely this increased level of choice to some of the most discerning individuals and companies in the world.

At the most fundamental level, IDON provides individual companies and owners the ability to receive full value for their luxury asset, good or service and into a more preferred holding which provides them with more choices than their current asset offers. Many individuals who desire to extract maximum value via sale, rental, charter, etc. simply desire to receive an asset that they deem to have more value than their current holding. This more valuable asset takes many forms, from fiat currency, precious metals, precious stones and even IDON. Individuals desire to lateralize from a significant, though under-utilized holding, into another asset class which unlike their existing significant asset, is easily divisible, easily transferable, has no holding costs and no management oversight, which is precisely what IDON allows its holders to accomplish.

Until now (and still mostly so), cryptocurrency by and large has been a speculative industry offering little to no tangible value. IDON changes the industry by allowing individuals and companies to move from a luxury asset they no longer wish to have in their portfolio or would not be able to monetize during a specific moment in time through traditional sales channels, into a digital asset class and then back into a more desired physical asset as they deem fit.

At our core, Idoneus is not a cryptocurrency company; we are not a blockchain company. We are a tangible asset company with decades of leadership experience in this globally-connected space. We are a company which allows owners of luxury assets, goods and services the potential to receive full value; we have overlaid blockchain technology which allows for safe, secure, immutable transactions and integrated cryptocurrency which provides a globally deployable payment method that offers significantly faster settlement times and significantly lower transaction costs, especially when compared to completing traditional international transactions with fiat currencies.

Section 2: Idoneus & IDON Provide Owners with More Choices

Here we review the limited choices that owners of luxury assets, goods and services have when trying to sell in the traditional manner vs. the significantly increased choices that individuals and companies benefit from when accepting IDON as consideration for the sale.

Individuals make decisions based on perceived choices that their decision will provide – Idoneus & IDON provide owners with more choice than their current holding ever could.

As the Idoneus Economy grows, options expand and token holders can benefit. Whether you are a luxury-minded company that seeks to sell more assets, goods and/or services, or you are an individual asset owner selling a signature estate, yacht, fine artwork, etc., there are traditionally three options that a company/owner can choose from:

  1. remain static with the current asking price;
  2. leverage/place debt against the asset;
  3. reduce the selling price.

As the global economy attempts to rebound from COVID-19, revenues across many industries are challenged. For some companies, maintaining pre-COVID pricing or taking on new debt are simply not viable options. They are left to reduce prices to the detriment of profit margins.

Owners of high-valued luxury assets understand all too well that neither staying static nor reducing their price will necessarily result in a qualified purchaser appearing and then making an acceptable offer. Placing debt against an asset is a short term solution if short term fiat currency is required instead of full value, though debt can place significant constraints and burdens against the asset owner thereafter.

With Idoneus, the options for luxury asset owners have expanded significantly as IDON is extremely safe, secure, easily divisible, has no holding costs, has no management oversight responsibilities, can be used as a method of payment for other items of value, is easily moveable throughout the world at near instantaneous speed at extremely low costs and allows individuals to bypass the antiquated and arduous international bank wire clearing timelines and fees. IDON holders do not require third party approval to send or receive tokens in comparison to traditional bank transfers: where individuals are required to wait on layered approvals and must document each transaction to their satisfaction or the payment will not be completed, many times resulting in lost opportunities and unnecessary costs. Of course, all laws and local regulatory requirements should be adhered to by each participant.

Section 3: Why are People Trading their Luxury Estates, Fine Art, Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Yachts and Even Fiat Currency (USD, Euro) etc. for IDON?

Here we review further motivations why individuals and companies trade their items of value for IDON.

Every person, company and family office that has traded their assets​ or fiat currency​ for IDON have done so because they believe the future benefits of IDON are greater than the future benefits/value of their current​ holdings​. The common thread for​ these​ ​parties is that their increased value occurs ​as Idoneus adds more trade options, more ability to purchase assets and more flexibility overall with IDON when compared to their single physical asset or depreciating fiat currency holdings. Those who see the greatest value in IDON are individuals who understand the history of money and realize where the future of money is headed and that a globally deployable digital currency with tangible utility will bring the greatest benefit over the near term and into the distant future. 

For those interested, Idoneus has prepared a historical analysis of the purchasing power major fiat currencies; a review of the performance of various luxury asset classes over time; and information derived from articles and publications from leading economists and financial minds in order to provide insight and clarity regarding economic historical context, current market dynamics and forecasting future trends.


For your consideration, one excerpt from this section can be found below.

“Under FIAT money, money was debt, so debt was wealth. People forgot that an IOU is nothing until it’s paid-back. We now have a world drowning in “wealth” that is nothing but IOU’s that depends on all other IOU’s performing, when mathematically we long ago passed the point where this was true. All that “wealth” is an illusion. So is training people to forget that it’s not about money-in-hand, it’s about the product available for purchase. Goods availability is likely to crater in the next couple years, and if politicians attempt to make people whole by creating trillions in credit, all it will do is crush the average man’s standard of living even more.”


To learn more about Idoneus and the value this can bring to you and/or your company, please read Our Value Proposition.

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