Reinventing the
Luxury Asset Market

A borderless economy where its participants are part of a society of exceptional people with unique assets available to others.

The New Digital Economy for Luxury

Idoneus is reinventing access to, and the value of, luxury. A new secure digital economy, that makes it simple and easy for luxury assets, goods and services to be purchased, sold, rented or otherwise experienced. This frictionless society is using a new common unit of value: a smart currency called IDON.

Exceptional Value for Exceptional People

Idoneus has the potential to increase the total value of the Luxury Asset Market, allowing greater participation from new sources of wealth and creating new value flows. At the same time enabling private investors, family offices and institutions greater speed and security of trading regardless of the physical complexities of the asset in question. We are transforming the world of luxury assets through secure digital technology. Welcome to Idoneus!

Society of Extraordinary People & Partners

The Idoneus Society consists of extraordinary members willing to engage in a borderless economy, where freedom of choice and control over wealth is the foundation. As the three pillars of the society, Idoneus connects Industry Partners, Asset Owners, and Token Holders on one integrated blockchain-based economy.

Industry Partners

Ability to onboard your assets, goods and services onto the Idoneus Ecosystem. This will provide each industry partner with increased exposure to qualified buyers.

Asset Owners

Ability to divest out of surplus, dormant or underutilized assets, and exchange for an asset class which will experience rapid growth and global adoption.

Token Holders

Ability to buy, rent or experience luxury assets, goods and services, located globally, available within the Idoneus Ecosystem and for private transactions.

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IDON - Preferred Currency for Luxury

Today’s economy is increasingly uncertain. Tomorrow’s economy is risk-managed, secure and contact-free. All transactions within our simple and secure digital economy are delivered through a token that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, and are managed through smart contracts. Transactions are digital, extremely low cost, and based on Industry standard technology. The high-value asset, luxury goods and service industry is being upgraded and reinvented.

Innovative Liquidity

Easily divest out of dormant, under-utilized, or under-performing holdings, and move to an asset class with no holding costs and growing utility.

Instant Utility

Simply log on and transact. IDON enables fast, secure, contact-free payment for luxury assets and experiences, such as beachfront villas, boutique hotels, luxury yachts, fine art and more.

Tangible Value

A digital currency that can be utilized to buy or rent physical assets of nearly every kind, often at a relative discount to prevailing market prices.

Risk Diversification

Keep transactions for luxury assets and experiences within the network, using IDON, avoiding external currency fluctuations and other sector-based shocks.

World's Finest Assets, Goods & Services

Idoneus is continuously expanding its portfolio of luxury assets, comprising, but are not limited to, real estate, fine art, aircraft, yachts, precious gemstones, luxury vehicles, and fine jewelry. We are not creating a new business model with Idoneus; we are transitioning an entire global industry which has been established decades ago to the blockchain, as technology advancements now allow asset transactions of all kinds (fiat, tokens and physical assets) to be facilitated much more swiftly, transparently and securely. 

Luxury Residences

Private Yachts

Fine Jewelry

Fine Art

Commercial RE

Precious Gemstones

Precious Metals

Luxury Vehicles

Private Aircraft

Private Islands

Exclusive Land

Luxury Services

Idoneus Portfolio

Discover the Global Portfolio of Luxury Assets, Goods & Services, which are available to buy and rent with IDON, for all verified users.

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Featured Listings

The Quintessence

This Rare & Unique NO OIL Zambian Emerald And Diamond Ring By TAKAT is simply stunning and substantial.

Majesty 140, 2021 Edition

The Majesty 140 was recently awarded the NBC “Best In Show” at the 2019 Ft. Lauderdale International Yacht Show,

21.01-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond

According to the records of the GIA, this 21 carat cushion brilliant cut diamond has been determined to be a type IIa diamond.

Luxurious 5-Suite Boutique Hotel

Casa-22 is a five-suite boutique hotel in the Dominican Republic, situated only a five-minute walk to the center or to the beach.

The Precious Diamond

A 2020 contemporary oil painting on canvas by renowned artist Réne Georges. The dimensions of the painting are 80×80 cm.

Alba Regal Collection Model AC-07

Someone may tell you that the Alba Regal Collection by De Berger & Bears should serve you as an inspiration… but it is much more!

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