Published in Gulf Times – Give yourself options in an unstable world: Diversification and mobility

December 25th, 2023 | Gulf Times.

The world’s economy is volatile and ever-changing, meaning the value of your assets is constantly in flux. This can be frustrating when the sale of an asset does not necessarily deliver the level of return that might be expected. In regions of increased conflict or volatility, asset holders risk losing significant personal value from the inability to liquidate their holdings or move them to a new, more stable location. 

For this reason, experts espouse the importance of having a well-balanced diversified portfolio of holdings across sectors and even regions. CEO Jarrett Preston, of Swiss-based company, Idoneus International AG, says “You must not be tied to any single asset, currency, or locale. The key is to not be overcommitted to any single category with no way out of an asset class when you need it most.

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