Jarrett Preston

Chief Executive Officer

Jarrett leads the development of the company’s short and long-term strategy and works closely with the Board and the members of the Executive Team to execute the company’s corporate strategy across all divisions. He is responsible for the implementation of the company vision and mission and communicates on behalf of the company. Jarrett is an expert in the field of “value for value exchange” within the luxury asset markets.

Jarrett has accumulated nearly 25 years of direct industry experience as a respected Strategic Advisor and C-Level Executive. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian International Asset Trading, the world’s leading firm dedicated to facilitating the trade of high-value physical assets, Jarrett has built and overseen a multibillion-dollar trade portfolio spanning 40 countries, across nearly every class of asset. His experience and vast network is invaluable to the company and to every member of the ecosystem as we lead the transition of high-value asset trading to the blockchain.

In May 2023, Jarrett published his first book: “Billions Under Pressure: The Art and Science of Creating, Exchanging, and Protecting Value” in which he offers masterful wisdom for creating, changing and preserving value. 

Jarrett is also a regular contributor to the Leadership Network at Entrepreneur Magazine.

Join us as we reinvent the Luxury Market.