About Idoneus

Hear from our CEO, Jarrett Preston, about why Idoneus exists and how it is building a global, borderless economy of luxury where value is exchanged securely, compliantly and without barriers.

At Idoneus, we began with a very simple but challenging mission: To assist HNWIs, Family Offices, and Private Institutions to trade value more efficiently, more securely and more quickly, while ensuring such value exchange is completed in a highly compliant and regulated manner. A simple mission in concept but highly complex in execution as we simultaneously experience heightened levels of inflation across every major fiat currency, skyrocketing prices of assets, goods and services and ever-increasing unrest around the world. For many years the marketplace has been calling for a solution to an antiquated system which has left some of the world’s most successful individuals, families and companies with unrealized value across nearly every asset class in every nation.”

Idoneus Economy

Idoneus has built a closed-loop economy, dedicated to creating exceptional value for exceptional people. At the heart of the Idoneus Luxury Economy is the ability to “Use an Asset to Buy an Asset”, directly, without the need to convert to cash, irrespective of the physical complexities and variability across each asset type. The Idoneus Economy removes the risks and complexities from the current market and consists of four main components to achieve this:

Our Team

Idoneus is a business that has been created by a team of industry-leading professionals with a long history of pioneering services in the luxury asset trading industry, representing over a century of experience and who have facilitated high-value asset exchanges and acquisitions on five continents.

IDON Cryptocurrency

Our Token

IDON is a digital payment token (a.k.a. cryptocurrency) and the enabler of the Idoneus Economy. It is used to buy, sell, rent and otherwise experience luxury assets, goods and services available on the Idoneus Platform, as well as from any individual or company that accepts IDON as a means of payment.

Our Technology

Idoneus’ platform utilizes blockchain, smart contracts, a native digital currency, cloud computing and state-of-the-art web & mobile application technology. This technology stack underpins the luxury marketplace with some of the world’s finest high-value assets that accepts cryptocurrencies, assets, goods and services as method of payment, providing near-instant liquidity and instant utility.

The Trust We Provide

The closed-loop Idoneus Economy thrives on trust between all involved parties and in the platform that is used, in order to satisfy the needs of the exceptional people we serve.

Join us as we reinvent the Luxury Market.