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What We Do

The World’s Premier Luxury Asset-Trading Ecosystem on the Blockchain

Idoneus is pioneering a first: an online global blockchain-based ecosystem where a holder of IDON tokens will be able to purchase or rent everything from luxury goods, services and experiences to multimillion-dollar signature residences, private islands, land holdings, commercial real estate, yachts, private aircraft, luxury vehicles, precious gemstones, precious metals, fine art, fine jewelry and much more.

Our token and asset-centric ecosystem has the potential to become the preferred method of payment for asset transactions between private individuals, family offices and institutions who are moving in and out of physical, digital and fiat asset portfolios. We are connecting the world of technology with the world of luxury assets. Welcome to Idoneus.

Who We Are

Idoneus was created by leading industry professionals representing over a century of experience. Our principals have directly facilitated asset exchange transactions on five continents. We are not creating a new business model with Idoneus; we are transitioning an entire global industry which has been established decades ago to the blockchain, as technology advancements now allow asset exchanges of all kinds (fiat, tokens and physical assets) to be facilitated much more swiftly, transparently and securely.

We are leading the luxury asset trading space with the strategic addition of a cryptocurrency token being added to the proven model of barter, which creates significant opportunity for early adopters of the token to benefit as the ecosystem grows.

Who We Serve

STRATEGIC PARTNERS – have the ability to onboard their assets, goods and services onto the Idoneus Ecosystem. This will provide each strategic partner with increased exposure to high-end clientele, a highly automated and secure client acquisition process, and the ability to significantly drive revenue.


Would your company benefit from expanding your client base to reach a global pool of high-net-worth individuals who are actively acquiring luxury products, goods and services?

ASSET OWNERS – are able to divest out of surplus, dormant or underutilized assets and exchange for an asset class which is experiencing rapid growth, increased utility and no holding costs.


Do you sometimes feel that the holding costs and time invested managing your physical asset are greater than the net value you personally receive from it on an annual basis? Consider a trade for IDON.

TOKEN HOLDERS – have the ability to acquire, rent, or otherwise experience luxury assets, goods and services, located globally, which are available within the Idoneus Ecosystem as well as those items available through our partner networks.


Are you interested in taking advantage of early adopter incentives by participating with a company which is poised to dominate the luxury asset trading industry?

What We Offer


Easily divest out of surplus, dormant or underutilized holdings.


Trade into an asset class that has growing utility, no hold costs, which can serve as a diversifying counterbalance within your portfolio.


As a verified client you will gain access to the world’s largest portfolio of luxury assets, goods and services within a tokenized ecosystem.


With automation, disintermediation and digitalization, successful asset exchanges can occur in a very timely manner.


Acquire assets, goods and services, often at a discount to prevailing market prices.


Unparalleled and personalized service, supported by a highly automated system.


Asset trading involves high-value transactions which makes securing transactions extremely important. Thanks to our revolutionary use of blockchain technology, fraud becomes a thing of the past.


Blockchain and smart contract technology ensures transparency at every step of every transaction. There are no middlemen, and there is no possibility to tamper with records.


No matter one’s technical ability, every member of the ecosystem will be able to use our platform and access online auditing, storing and sharing of documents, instant notifications, and integrated communication channels quickly and easily.

Why Choose Us

UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCE – The executive team leverages over a century of industry experience.

FIRST TO MARKET – Idoneus is first to market within the luxury asset space, facilitating multimillion-dollar barter-exchange transactions.

EXPANSIVE PORTFOLIO – Our executive team has curated direct access to a multibillion-dollar asset portfolio which are qualified and available for exchange or acquisition.

THE HARD WORK IS DONE – The founders of Idoneus have been operating corporate barter and trade businesses for more than two decades.

REAL VALUE & UTILITY – Already onboarded millions of dollars in tangible assets into the Idoneus Ecosystem prior to public launch.

WORLD CLASS ADVISORSStrategic advisors with world-class reputations in the global asset exchange industry.

SMART TECHNOLOGY – Utilizing blockchain, smart contracts and digital trading tokens to create an unparalleled trading experience.

BEST IN CLASS PARTNERS – Working together with best-in-class industry strategic partners, such as LVH Global, C6 Advisors, Stokholm Legal and JP Fund Services.

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