Charter a private yacht with IDON
Buy gold with IDON
FLying private aircraft with IDON

Token Holders

Whether the owner of a luxury asset seeking to divest out of a holding which no longer meets your needs, a company seeking to increase revenue, or an individual seeking to acquire a digital currency which can be used to purchase luxury assets, goods and services, Idoneus is creating a completely new economy and pathway forward for individuals to unlock dormant value.

Three Ways Idoneus Can Provide Immediate Value


Access a portfolio of luxury assets, offered by Idoneus and/or their partners, such as: signature residences, yachts, private aircraft, destination resorts, luxury vehicles, fine jewelry, art and other goods and services. 

Tangible Value

Own a digital currency that can be utilized to buy, rent or otherwise experience physical assets often at a relative discount to prevailing market prices. 


Replace weakening fiat currencies and/or luxury assets which no longer meet your portfolio requirements and use them as a means of payment to acquire IDON and access a diversified portfolio of luxury assets, goods and services.

Holders of IDON will experience new found levels of utility in owning a digital currency which provides the ability to acquire high value assets, goods and services globally.

Deprediating Value?

Are you interested in replacing weakening fiat currencies or a physical asset that no longer meets your needs with a digital currency that has the potential for global application?

Digital Currency?

Do you find value in owning a digital currency which will be accepted as means of payment for multimillion-dollar real estate acquisitions?

Take Advantage?

Are you interested in taking advantage of early adopter incentives by owning a digital currency that is poised to dominate the luxury asset industry?

Instant Utilization?

Are you interested in holding a digital currency that can be utilized to rent and acquire physical assets often at a relative discount to prevailing market prices?

If the benefits noted above are of interest to you, please contact us to learn more about the qualification process and requirements to become a holder of IDON.