Dr. Neil Pennington, PhD

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Neil is an innovator, who brings rich experience in strategy, business development and implementation of decentralised business models across a wide range of sectors.

Following a Senior-Level Corporate Career, including PwC, IBM, and RWE, Neil has for the last 6 years been involved with early stage businesses in Blockchain and Digital Identity, including micropayments, messaging and decentralised energy. He has also been an adviser to the Fintech and Innovation-Driven Financial Services Regulatory Committee of Mauritius and a member of the Virtual Currency Working Group for the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Neil is a frequent speaker and writer on innovation, blockchain, identity and the impact of technology on the way we live our lives, and has a PhD in Electrical Engineering, a BSC (Hons) in Physics, from the University of Liverpool, and an MBA from the London Business School.

Neil is also a regular author on Medium. “I write about Finding Value – diverse, engaging stories; always authentic. Includes art, humanity, tech, new sources of wealth, new ways of thinking & acting.