Idoneus GIA certified diamonds

Industry Partners

Whether a luxury accommodation specialist, real estate brokerage firm, yacht company, purveyor of fine jewelry or a company which specializes in the sale of other high value types of assets, goods or services, Idoneus can dramatically impact the bottom line of your business.

Three Ways Idoneus Can Provide Immediate Value


Introduce your company and network to our high net worth clients to drive completely new revenue streams to your company.


Monetize your current inventory by trading assets, goods or services for IDON, used as a method of payment for transactions worldwide.


Form an alliance with an institutional investor that is actively seeking to acquire significant holdings of luxury assets and unique and valuable goods. 

*There are no fees or costs to become an industry partner. 

Partnering with Idoneus provides your company with exceptional access to consumers of luxury assets, goods and services, globally.

Expand Client Base?

Would your company benefit from expanding your client base of high net worth individuals, companies and family-offices that are actively investing significant capital to acquire luxury assets, goods and services?

Increase Sales?

Does your company have the bandwidth to manage a significant increase in sales volume which may be experienced by becoming a valued provider within the ecosystem? 

Tokenized Ecosystem?

Do you feel that your company may benefit from an alliance with the world’s largest tokenized ecosystem of luxury assets, goods and services?

Digital Currency?

Would trading excess inventory for a digital currency which can be used as method of payment for many other items of value be of benefit to your company?

If you believe that your organization may meet our requirements to become a valued Industry Partner, please submit details describing your organization for consideration by the Idoneus Team.