Buy fine art with IDON

Asset Owners

Whether the owner of a significant real estate holding, an artist seeking to expand your reach to a larger audience of high net worth individuals, or the head of a family office seeking to diversify its current portfolio, Idoneus can provide you with a pathway to maximize your current asset’s full potential. 

Three Ways Idoneus Can Provide Immediate Value

Full Value

For assets which meet Idoneus’ requirements, owners may receive a full value offer for their luxury asset, which is to be confirmed by thirdparty professional for all approved acquisitions.


Idoneus has the ability to issue a commitment and close transactions swiftly (often in days or weeks) upon receiving full, detailed asset information.  


Idoneus is one of the few active institutional investors with token liquidity set aside specifically to acquire significant holdings of luxury assets and unique and valuable goods in this current economic climate. 

Selling or trading your luxury assets for IDON allows you to divest a portion of your holdings into a flexible asset class with many real-world benefits.

Underutilized Assets?

Do you own substantial real estate holdings or other physical assets which are being under-utilized or which have become geographically inconvenient for your use?

Struggle to Sell??

Are you the owner of physical assets of high value which are rare and desirable but have struggled to source an acceptable offer from a qualified buyer through traditional means?

Holding Costs?

Do you sometimes feel that the holding costs and time invested managing your physical assets are greater than the net value you personally receive from them on an annual basis?

Digital Currency?

Would you like to learn how to utilize your current asset holdings to acquire a globally deployable digital currency which can be utilized to acquire new assets you truly want to own?

If you answered “YES” to any of the four questions above, and the opportunity described herein is of potential value and interest to you, please submit a full description of your assets for consideration by the Idoneus Team.