Ali Imran

Partner, GCC

Ali is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with nearly 30 years’ experience in retail banking, digital finance, and e-commerce where he has managed thousands of individuals and built national and international teams. Based in Dubai, he brings a reputation and network geared to driving growth and change in an ever-evolving industry.

Having held leadership roles in both local and international banks, Ali’s strategic insights have steered retail sector products, ranging from automotive finance, personal loans, mortgages, to real estate property development. More recently he has Co-Founded several innovative startups including a retail banking and insurance marketplace and Pakistan’s 3rd largest E-commerce app/website.

Ali’s influence extends far beyond the banking world. As an advisor on several boards, he has helped pioneer initiatives in Fintech, E-commerce, A.I, and NFT, which is a testament to his visionary spirit and commitment to innovation which he brings to Idoneus.