Yücel Yüce

Senior Advisor, Luxury Assets (Central Asia, Europe & the Middle East)

Yücel assists in expanding the Idoneus Economy through his connections in various luxury asset industries and across multiple continents.

For several years, Yücel has developed detailed knowledge in the field of precious metals, precious stones, works of art, luxury watchmaking and commercial real estate. As Turkey is a geographical and financial hub between Asia and Europe, Yücel regularly travels to Turkey, participates in conferences, meets business people and provides customized solutions to the needs of investors.

He is also a financial consultant active in Europe and the Middle East. For several years, he has provided personalized advice to investors based in the Middle East and Central Asia. Through his academic and financial background, he has supported foreign entrepreneurs to set up structures and invest in Switzerland.

As a result of the development of blockchain technology, the proliferation of cryptocurrencies and the digital transformation of the financial system, there is a global need for advice and guidance among companies and investors. In the countries of the Middle East, and more specifically in Turkey, this need has increased because, due to the cultural parameters, it has been necessary to hold targeted meetings and provide customized solutions to achieve a more seamless transition to utilizing blockchain technology.

Yücel has a Master of Political Sciences from Geneva University as well as Master of Business Administration. He has worked several years for several Swiss Universities as an Assistant Professor. He speaks fluent French, English, Italian, Turkish, German, and Kurdish.

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