Xavier Calloc’h

Senior Advisor, Communication & Media, Family Offices & Yachting

Xavier brings significant value to the Idoneus Economy through his more than two and a half decades of experience developed within the luxury asset, wealth management, alternative/ethical and sustainable investments in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the UK. He also brings marketing and communication opportunities with immediate engagement to his existing database of UHNWIs, Family Offices, VCs, private investors and professionals.  

Xavier brings 26 years of experience in international media, financial PR and private banking combining wealth management and luxury sectors.

He started  his career in the media market with Global Finance Magazine – Business Week Group followed by Les Échos and Financial Times – Pearson Group.

He quickly realised that he would provide more value by  pivoting to the execution side of the financial world by joining and joined ABN AMRO private bank. Xavier developed his private banking portfolio and continued in the luxury space with Boat International.

During that period, Xavier not only managed to work for international and private companies but also launched his own media company specialising in luxury assets, Family Offices, wealth management and Fintech, called Investor Media.

His company, founded in 2011 provides international events, magazines, TV and the latest technology digital solutions to international companies interested in reaching his global audience of (U)HNWIs, Family Offices, investors, VCs and professionals.As a start-up, his company blossomed and now has offices in London, Monaco and shortly Dubai with a full portfolio of activities in the UK, Europe, Middle-East and Asia including a track record of successful developments and private investments.

In 2017 Xavier created a company focusing on media strategies and direct introductions to investors on behalf of Fintech/Crypto/Blockchain companies from marketing to ICOs for companies including BlockEx, Icon Gold, CryptoX, Spindel, Revolut, Outlaw (US metaverse company) and Amber Group/WhaleFin.