Aired on WPTV News Channel 5: More cryptocurrency offerings in South Florida real estate market.

Idoneus is proud to be featured in a TV news interview, which aired on WPTV News Channel 5 about the increased availability of real estate assets to purchase with cryptocurrencies. In a competitive market, buyers are turning to new ways to entice sellers to make a deal. Several have turned to cryptocurrency as a differentiator. Tim O’Leary,  Vice President, Portfolio Development at Idoneus is included in the news segment citing IDON and discussing how more people are embracing the flexibility offered by cryptocurrencies. 

“IDON has been utilized as a method of payment to acquire properties from Alaska, to Florida, to the Caribbean,” said O’Leary. “There is obviously hesitancy with cryptocurrency in general, but with Bitcoin’s more mainstream approach, it’s becoming a little bit more commonplace.”

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