Wim Froon

Senior Advisor Affiliations and Real Estate

Willhelm (Wim) Froon leverages his expansive and impressive more than 40-year career in the luxury leisure real estate industry to significantly accelerate Idoneus’ growth trajectory in this highly desirable space. 

Wim brings vast international experience in the luxury leisure real estate industry. By the age of 28, Wim was managing a staff of six hundred individuals. Then as CEO of INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL from 1988-2002, he managed global development in 65 countries with more than 1,600 employees. Now he’s using his global management experience and knowledge of finance to assist the Idoneus economy layered with his passion for creating communities for learning and social development, to improve the world.

He assisted with the development of a timeshare exchange company; Interval international in the EMEA areas allowing for an expansion from $3M to over $4BN over a span of fourteen years.

He firmly believes the future of real estate is evolving and looks forward to integrating Blockchain Technology to bring fluidity in the market throughout Idoneus.

Join us as we reinvent the Luxury Market.