Umberto Ronsisvalle

Senior Advisor, Family Office Partnerships & Luxury Real Estate (Benelux, France, Germany & Italy)

Umberto assists professional investors in developing partnerships to acquire key luxury real estate and unique assets across Europe (Benelux, France, Germany & Italy). He has been in this field senior advisor to several major regulated entities globally.

Umberto has more than 25 years’ experience in implementing structured transactions.

Today he generates private equity and real estate deals for qualified investors focused on high-end returns through listed entities.

Umberto is founder and manager of his own multi-family office that has completed in excess of €1 billion worth of transactions supporting families & friends’ to choose the best strategies to protect future generations.

He is chairman and managing director of R CAPITAL S.a.r.l. Luxembourg and its Group of Companies in Italy, France, Germany, USA.

Umberto is shareholder of the regulated real estate investment fund ImmoCROISSANCE previously listed and owned by the bank DEXIA BIL.

Umberto received his Law Degree at University of Milan with maximum votes.