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What to do when hacked/clicked on a malicious link?

So it happened, your device has been hacked or you entered login credentials or sensitive data on a phishing website. While you can’t make it undone, you must take remedial action as soon as possible, by doing the following:

  1. Take the potentially infected device off the internet. 
  2. Change your password immediately. 
  3. If you’ve entered any personal information, you should change these details as soon as possible from an uncompromised machine. This will apply to all online accounts such as email, social media and banking. 
  4. Scan system for malware with anti-virus software (this can be done when your device is offline). 
  5. Use a service like https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to see if your email address and other information is exposed.
  6. If needed, get professional help to recover your device.
  7. If you actually got scammed, please report this to your local authorities.

Once you have recovered your device and followed the steps above, make sure to check out all online security recommendations here, and to prevent phishing or online scams, check here.

Stay safe and remember to “think before you click”! 

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