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What are the steps required to complete a sale of my asset to Idoneus?

Steps to sell an asset to Idoneus.

1. The asset owner and (when applicable) their representative to review the Idoneus White Paper, website and FAQ, to ensure that the owner understands the basics of the Idoneus business model and what the potential benefits are when trading for IDON versus other currencies and what Idoneus is not offering (IE, Idoneus does not make acquisitions with Bitcoin or fiat cash).

This first step is critical so that a baseline understanding can be created, which will then allow for productive communication with the owner and their representative thereafter.

2. Initial submission of details regarding the subject asset for review and qualification.

3. Receive a summary of interest from Idoneus with a comprehensive overview of the proposed transaction, links to critical collateral, etc.

4. If requested, a conference call between the introducing Advisor, a member of the Idoneus Executive Team and the Asset Owner will be scheduled in order for all parties to ask/answer further questions and discuss potential next steps.

5. Should there be mutual interest to proceed, Swiss KYC/AML documentation will be completed and Idoneus will issue a non-binding Letter of Intent, which will outline the basic framework of the proposed transaction.

6. Upon the successful execution of the Letter of Intent and successful completion of Swiss KYC/AML documentation, Idoneus will issue a formal Purchase Agreement for the Asset Owner’s review which will include all relevant transaction details.

7. Upon the execution of the Purchase Agreement, a wallet will be created for the Asset Owner where the agreed IDON payment shall be made.

8. Any required inspection of the subject asset, final due diligence and all other terms and conditions required to close shall be completed. At closing, the full balance of IDON which is due shall be transferred to the Asset Owner’s designated wallet being released to the asset owner per the terms of the contract. Title/ownership and possession of the subject asset shall transfer to Idoneus or its assigned entity.

To start the process, please click here.

If you prefer to onboard your asset to the Idoneus Platform instead of selling it to Idoneus, please click here.

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