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What are the authorized places to buy, sell and trade IDON?

You can buy, sell and trade IDON at a few select places, however, please be extremely cautious for unauthorized and potentially fraudulent listings.

Idoneus is dedicated to providing reliable and valuable avenues to utilize IDON. Part of this is partnering with a select number of third party platforms where IDON can be bought, sold and traded for selective other (crypto)currencies.

The list below shows the only official and authorized places where you can safely buy, sell and trade IDON. This list is kept up to date at all times.

  1. Idoneus Platform: https://platform.idoneus.io/signin
    Registered users can buy IDON (exceptions apply).
  2. We are working diligently to offer additional / third-party marketplaces and crypto exchanges where IDON can be traded. Please sign up to our Newsletter to be the first in the know about new developments in this area.

Idoneus can not guarantee that orders to sell or trade IDON, will be executed in a timely manner, nor does it accept responsibility for this. The business model of Idoneus is build around the usage of IDON within the Idoneus Economy, not to convert it directly to cash.


For your financial safety, please only use the links and platforms mentioned above. If you discover other places where IDON is being offered, please be extremely cautious as this is most likely fraudulent and certainly unauthorized.

Idoneus does not accept responsibility nor liability for transactions made with unauthorized and potentially fraudulent listings of IDON.

Idoneus does not accept responsibility nor liability for token price determination on non-authorized platforms. Only the authorized platforms mentioned above are recognized.

If you encounter a listing of IDON that is not on the list of authorized platforms above, please email us immediately so that we can take remedial action.

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