Tutorial: Whitelist your Coinbase Wallet

After you have set up your Coinbase Wallet, the first thing you want to do, is whitelist it on the Idoneus Platform.


  1. Open your Coinbase Wallet App.
  2. Click on the Receive button to be able to choose between different Crypto Currencies and Crypto Tokens (known as ERC20, ERC721 and others).
  1. After clicking on the “Ethereum” wallet, the information of your wallet is displayed.

NOTE: IDON is a digital currency utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain. IDON is also called an ERC20 token, because this (ERC20) refers to the technical standard of the token as it is implemented on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This is why you will receive IDON on an Ethereum wallet address.

  1. On the next screen, you will see a tab called “Address” with a QR code and an Address starting with 0x***. This address is the important information that you need for whitelisting and receiving IDON tokens.
  1. From this screen you need to click Share Address, and then Copy, in order to copy your Ethereum address. This is the address that you need to enter into the My Wallet section on the Idoneus Dashboard.

NOTE: In case you are using the Idoneus Dashboard on your desktop, laptop or tablet, you can not directly copy/paste your Ethereum wallet address from your Coinbase Wallet on your mobile phone to the Idoneus Dashboard.

In this case, the easiest thing to do, is click Share Address (from the screen above), and select to share it via email or whatsapp, or whatever else works for you, and send it to yourself.

Then on your desktop, laptop, or tablet, open your email and copy the Ethereum address. Then paste this into the My Wallet section on the Idoneus Platform as shown below.

  1. Now go to your Idoneus Dashboard. In the My Wallet section, enter / paste the Ethereum address from the previous step. And then click CONNECT.
  1. Once you have entered the Ethereum address and clicked CONNECT, the Idoneus team will receive notification to process this request. After they have finished the review and whitelisted your wallet, you will receive an email notification that you can now use your IDON wallet on the Idoneus Platform to receive, buy and send IDON tokens.

Next Steps

Now that you have whitelisted your IDON Wallet, it is time to:

  1. Buy IDON tokens (coming soon)
  2. Receive IDON tokens on your Coinbase Wallet
  3. Send IDON tokens from your Coinbase Wallet
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