Tutorial: Send IDON from Trust Wallet

Step-by-step guide on how to send IDON from your Trust Wallet

  1. In order to send tokens, you must have tokens in your wallet, and a small amount of ETH to pay for the transaction fee. If you bought IDON from Idoneus, you will have received a small amount of ETH as well. Check your token balance on the main screen of the wallet.
  1. In order to send tokens you need to click on the Idoneus Token. You will see the menu with the options to Send & Receive Idoneus Tokens (IDON).
  1. Select the Send option. The new screen with transaction information will appear.

On this screen, you should add the Recipient Address and the desired IDON Amount you want to send. You can paste the address or you can scan a QR code of the address by clicking the button in the red square on the picture.


1. Always ensure that you send IDON to a wallet address that can receive IDON.

2. Never send IDON to an ETH wallet on a cryptocurrency exchange. These tokens will get lost forever. Only send IDON to an IDON specific deposit wallet on an exchange that has listed IDON.

3. Always do a test transaction first for a new recipient. Send for example only 1 IDON (or less). Confirm with the recipient that he/she has received your transaction in good order. Only after that send the rest of the amount of IDON you want to send.

  1. Once you have entered the address and the amount, you are ready to send the transaction.

Click on the Next button. You will see the details of the transaction you are about to execute.

  1. On the next screen, you will be able to validate the transaction parameters – Recipient Address, Amount, and you will see the transaction fees.
  1. If the parameters are correct, you can click the Send button and the transaction will be executed.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please double check that everything is correct. Once the transaction is sent, it can not be withdrawn.

  1. Once the transaction is executed, it will be shown in the Idoneus Token field as Pending.
  1. Once the transaction is completed the status will change to Confirmed.
  2. Done.

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