Tutorial: How to Whitelist Your Ledger Nano protected ETH Wallet on the Idoneus Platform

After you have set up your Ledger Nano Wallet, the next thing you want to do, is connect and whitelist it on the Idoneus Platform.

Find ETH address via Ledger Live

  1. Log in to the Ledger Live application on your computer or mobile phone
  2. Start up and Connect your Ledger Nano to computer or mobile phone. Follow the onscreen instructions
  3. Click on “Accounts”
  4. Select the designated Ethereum account that you set up during the set up of your Ledger Nano
  5. Click on “Receive” and follow the onscreen instructions
  1. Copy the ETH address shown in the screen.
  1. Verify the ETH address on your Ledger Device to make sure it is exactly the same as the one on the screen. Click “Approve” on the Ledger device.
  2. Go to section Connect ETH Address on Idoneus Platform.

Find ETH Address via MetaMask

  1. Log in to MetaMask
  2. Select the Connected Hardware account
  1. Click on the Wallet Name at the top of the MetaMask screen. This will copy the ETH address.

Find ETH Address via MEW

Coming soon…

Connect ETH address on Idoneus Platform

  1. Now go to your Idoneus Dashboard and log in.
  2. In the My Wallet section, enter / paste the Ethereum address from the previous section.
  3. Click CONNECT.

You are done!

Next Steps

  1. Receive / Send IDON Tokens on MetaMask with your Ledger Nano protected wallet
  2. Receive / Send IDON Tokens on MEW with your Ledger Nano protected wallet
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