Tutorial: Connect & Whitelist your Wallet

In order to receive, buy and spend IDON on the Idoneus Platform, you need to connect a digital currency wallet, which needs to be authorized by Idoneus.


You can only whitelist a wallet after the successful completion of the KYC / Identity Verification process. You will receive an email confirmation once this has been achieved, and that you can proceed to whitelist your wallet.

Instructions (if you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet yet)

If you are new to digital currencies, and/or you do not have a digital currency wallet yet, you first need to set one up. The two most user-friendly and secure wallets, which you can set up and manage from your mobile phone, are: Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet. For more advanced users, we recommend setting up a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano.

See the tutorials on how to set up either wallet:

FYI: you only need one wallet, just select between the Trust, Coinbase or Ledger Wallet.


1. Before you start with setting up a cryptocurrency wallet, please read these security recommendations first.

2. Do not link a wallet from a cryptocurrency exchange to your Idoneus account as this may result in loss of your tokens. Please set up a wallet as mentioned above.

Instructions (if you already have a digital currency wallet)

  1. On the User Dashboard, in the My Wallet section, enter the Ethereum wallet address which you would like to use as your IDON wallet.
  1. Click CONNECT. One of our agents will check if all is completed correctly and whitelist your wallet address. You will receive a notification via email once this is done.

Next Steps

Now that you have whitelisted your Wallet, it is time to:

  1. Buy IDON tokens
  2. Receive IDON tokens
    1. Receive IDON on Trust Wallet
    2. Receive IDON on Coinbase Wallet
  3. Send / Spend IDON tokens
    1. Send / Spend IDON from your Trust Wallet
    2. Send / Spend IDON from your Coinbase Wallet
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