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SMS not Received?

For several steps in the KYC/AML Protocol you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone to confirm your identity before you can execute the step. This is the case for the Step 2: Client Profile, Step 3: Video Identification and Step 4: Upload Documents.

What to do in case you have not received this SMS?

1. Please double check you have entered your mobile phone number correctly during onboarding Step 1. Go to platform.idoneus.io and log in to see the mobile phone number you have entered, and how to change it if necessary. One common issue to have left in the leading “0” after the country code.

2. Please do not press the button to request the SMS more than 3 times. After 3 times it blocks the system. Please be patient as it sometimes it takes some time for the SMS to arrive. If you have already pressed it more than 3 times, please contact Support to receive a new link via email.

3. Restart your phone before you press the button to request the SMS again, often this resolves the issue.

4. If the above does not resolve the issue, please contact Support and let them know which mobile operator / network your phone is on so that we can check this with the SMS provider.

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