Introduction to CoinLock

Built, managed and operated by CoinLock, a dedicated IDON token management platform has been made available for all IDON token holders and other interested parties.

What is CoinLock?

CoinLock is a platform that delivers increased utility to cryptocurrency by providing transformational value-added services and will provide IDON token holders with additional options. More info about CoinLock can be found on their company website.

What services does the CoinLock Platform provide to IDON token holders?

On the CoinLock platform it is possible to:

  • buy and sell IDON tokens peer-to-peer on the platform with USD and ETH.
  • hedge and lock-in a fixed USD value of IDON without paying any fees or having to sell your tokens.
  • get 4x leverage on IDON tokens without charging any interest.
  • send and receive IDON in seconds to anywhere in the world without fees.

Additional services and other counter (crypto)currencies are being added on a continuous basis.

What are the fees charged on the CoinLock Platform?

The only fees that are charged are the membership fees. All activities on the CoinLock platform are for free. ETH gas fees will apply only on transactions to/from CoinLock. Transactions within the CoinLock platform are off-chain, which means no ETH gas fees are charged.

Where can I sign up to CoinLock?

You can sign up for an account at CoinLock by heading over to and register for a new account. You will have pass through their KYC process, and deposit funds to your account before you can start using it.

Please see these instructions on how to set up your new account on CoinLock.

Where can I go if I need help with the CoinLock Platform?

In case you run into any issues, or would like to know more about how the platform works, please visit their support page at CoinLock Support Page.

What is the relationship between CoinLock and Idoneus?

CoinLock and Idoneus are two separate companies that have agreed to work together to list IDON on the CoinLock MatchEngine Platform, for the benefit of IDON token holders, CoinLock clients and other interested parties.

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