I can not select a ‘Country’ in the address field in the ‘ Verify your Identity’ screen

Address auto-fill by your browser sometimes conflicts with correctly entering data.

The ‘Country’ field in the address section is automatically updated with the ‘Countries of Residence’ that have been entered before. The problem is most likely related to correctly entering ‘Countries of Residence’. If you have address auto-fill activated with your browser, this may conflict with entering the data correctly. It is best to switch the auto-fill functionality off in your browser settings.

After you have turned off auto-fill, please try entering ‘Countries of Residence’ again and then proceed to ‘Country’ in the address section.

This is how the screen should look like:

You can also check this article for additional tips: https://idoneus.io/support-hub/i-am-having-strange-issues-when-entering-data-in-the-verify-your-identity-screen/

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