How to place an IDON sell order on CoinLock?

The process to place an IDON sell order on CoinLock is very straightforward.

1. Click the red "Sell" button in the IDON balance field.

2. Enter how many IDON you want to sell.

3. Select how you want to get paid (wire transfer, paypal, neteller, ethereum).

4. Enter information for the selected payment method.

Bank transfer:




5. Confirm your sell order.

Screen and info displayed will look different depending on the payment method selected. Below image is a sell order for ETH (Ethereum).


Only once somebody has bought the IDON's you have placed for sale, you will be paid (in USD or ETH, depending on payment method selected).

Idoneus can not guarantee that orders to sell or trade IDON, on third party platforms such as CoinLock, will be executed in a timely manner, nor does it accept responsibility for this. The business model of Idoneus is build around the usage of IDON within the Idoneus Economy, not to convert it directly to other (crypto or fiat) currencies.

Where can I see my active sell orders?

Click on Marketplace, and then select Your Orders. On this list you will see your current active Marketplace orders.

Where can I see the history of my previous Sell and Buy orders?

Option 1: Click on Transactions and then select the Marketplace tab. Here you will see all your previous Buy and Sell orders.

Option 2: Click on Transactions and then select the Logs tab. Here you can see the history of all IDON related activities on your CoinLock account.

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