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How is Idoneus different from other luxury platforms?

Firstly, the Idoneus Economy is designed from the ground up based on the traditional bartering/trading system that has been in existence since 6000 BC. We have taken this traditional system and have incorporated the blockchain into its business model which will be managed via the Idoneus Platform.

Secondly, utilizing blockchain, smart contracts, a digital currency and state-of-the-art web and mobile application technology, the Idoneus Platform will provide access to an asset portfolio and the functionalities to buy, sell and rent tangible assets. Blockchain-based applications are changing how buyers, sellers and investors interact with each other as well as assets they desire to own, rent or simply experience. Welcome to a new world of unleashed value, transparency and disintermediation.

Thirdly, the integration of a Swiss payment token (IDON) that enables access to the platform and opportunities, asset value offset and serves as the primary payment method in the Idoneus Economy. It is used to buy, sell, rent and otherwise experience luxury assets, goods and services. To protect the Idoneus Economy from volatility and the constant changes associated with external economic shocks and exchange rates, and to avoid inflation of the value of the IDON Token, a series of rules have been established that are governed by a transparent and auditable algorithm.

Fourthly, Idoneus has made a decision to operate a 100% IDON closed-loop system, with the IDON Token as the means of transferring value between all participants. The system is designed to be fair, transparent, and aligned with the platform’s goals and values, while also encouraging active participation and engagement from users. Check out the Whitepaper to read more about the Idoneus closed-loop Economy for luxury.

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