How do I make a purchase or reservation on the Idoneus Platform?

STEP 1: select the item of interest on the Public or Private Portfolio.

Make sure to read the Policies section for the item of interest which has important information related to your purchase. 

STEP 2: click on the “Inquire Now” button

Fill out all the requested information, accept the Terms & Conditions and then click the “Send Inquiry” button.

All items are currently only available on an inquiry basis and require to be confirmed by Idoneus before the purchase can be confirmed.

STEP 3: confirmation of availability and final pricing

Idoneus will contact you via email with further information about your order inquiry with information such as availability, final pricing, details regarding shipping (if relevant), other required documentation & procedures, etc. You will receive an invoice with all payment information as well.

Please note that in order to complete a transaction on the Idoneus Platform, you must be a registered client that has completed their Onboarding Procedure (KYC/AML check, etc). If you are not a registered client yet, please refer to the onboarding process here.

STEP 4: payment and order completion

The final step is to make the payment per the agreed terms. Once the payment has been received, the item will be either:

  • shipped to the agreed destination (if relevant)
  • procedures and documents regarding the transfer of ownership will be completed (if relevant)
  • other (if relevant
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