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How can I sell or rent my luxury asset, good or service through the Idoneus Platform?

For owners of luxury assets, Idoneus currently offers two pathways to sell or rent these assets, goods or services through the Idoneus Platform.

First Pathway: Should an owner desire an immediate sale of their asset, this can be  arranged through Idoneus acquiring the property directly – please note that all corporate transactions are completed with payment in 100% IDON. For more information about this option, click here.

Second Pathway: Idoneus can offer to onboard assets which do not meet the criteria for Idoneus corporately, and where the owner will accept full payment in IDON.

Asset Onboarding Model

The onboarding model provides a pathway where asset owners can receive full value in IDON.


Idoneus has released an additional avenue for asset owners to participate within the Idoneus Economy. In order to assist those owners whose asset does not meet Idoneus’ corporate acquisition requirements, we now have the ability to “onboard” qualifying assets to the Idoneus Platform in a non-exclusive manner. Owners may make their asset(s) available for purchase by IDON holders in order to assist owners in more efficiently divesting out of an asset that no longer meets their needs.

In this scenario, asset owners have the ability to receive the full value in IDON at the prevailing market price of the token at time of closing. 

It is important to highlight that the onboarding agreement can be cancelled at any time if the asset owner sells the asset to another party without the assistance of Idoneus / IDON. Idoneus charges the asset owner NO upfront fees and NO success fees of any kind.

The Steps to Onboard an Asset:

Step 1. Review Key Information.

Asset owner to review key resources (found below) to learn about Idoneus so that they may gain a baseline understanding of the Idoneus business model. What Idoneus / IDON are and what they are not.

  • Idoneus White Paper
  • Public Portfolio
  • FAQ Section

All key resources are found here.

Step 2. Submit Asset

Upon the owner’s confirmed interest, they will forward high level information regarding their asset to either their existing point of contact within Idoneus, or to PortfolioDevelopment@idoneus.io. Upon receipt, the Portfolio Development Team will review the information.  This initial asset review will take three to four business days to complete and to provide feedback to the asset owner.

Step 3. Initial Call.

Upon mutual interest being confirmed, a call will be organized between the asset owner, a member of the Idoneus Executive Team, as well as any applicable advisor / broker for the owner and also any applicable Idoneus advisor. This conversation is where all questions regarding the transaction model will be answered, will allow the owner to learn more about Idoneus and Idoneus to learn more about the owner’s goals and the asset in general.

Step 4. Onboarding Agreement.

If the parties agree to move forward, Idoneus will present the owner with a non-exclusive onboarding agreement.

Step 5. KYC / AML Protocol.

Upon the execution of the agreement, Idoneus will provide a link for the asset owner to complete the Swiss-mandated, multi-step KYC / AML protocol. In total, these steps can be completed by the owner in as little as 10 – 15 minutes. The Idoneus KYC / AML department must approve each participant. This process can take one to three business days, depending on the workload that the department is experiencing.

Step 6. Initiate Asset Onboarding.

Upon successfully completing the KYC / AML protocol, a member of the Portfolio Development Team will email the owner with a detailed list of information required to onboard their asset and market it in the best light possible.

Step 7. Asset Onboarding onto Portfolio.

Upon receiving the required asset information, the Portfolio Development Team will create the asset’s overview page and then will send to the owner for their review and approval.

To start the Asset Onboarding process, please click here.

If you are a company that desires to sell luxury assets, goods or services in the Idoneus Economy, click here.

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