Introduction to the Idoneus Ecosystem

A brief overview of the various components in the Idoneus Ecosystem, how they work together, and the workflow to set yourself up to work with Idoneus and IDON.

In the beginning it can be a bit complicated to understand all the various components and actions that are required to onboard as a new client, have everything set up to start receiving and sending IDON, and start purchasing & renting assets from the Idoneus Portfolios.

The Components

There are (currently) four components to working with IDON and Idoneus:

1. Idoneus Platform a.k.a “User Dashboard”

2. Digital Currency Wallet

3. Idoneus Portfolios

4. How it all works together.

5. More to come soon…

#1. Idoneus Platform (User Dashboard)

Idoneus Dashboard

This is the main user interface for Idoneus Clients. On the User Dashboard you do your account registration, onboarding and KYC/AML to become an Idoneus client. In order to receive IDON from Idoneus, and in order to buy/rent assets from Idoneus paid for with IDON, you have to register this account. 

On the User Dashboard you are able to:

  • buy IDON
  • make payments to Idoneus (in IDON) for purchases of assets from the portfolio
  • change your profile settings
  • in the near future: see the history of your transactions with IDON
  • etc

#2. Digital Currency Wallet

You need a digital currency wallet in order to receive and send IDON. Currently we recommend people to set up a Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, or to purchase a Ledger Nano. These are commercially available wallets from third party vendors, and they are proven to be good options for you to receive and send IDON with.

There is currently no dedicated IDON wallet. IDON is technically just a cryptocurrency which can be sent/received/stored on numerous wallets. IDON is an Ethereum-based token (ERC20), which means you can receive/send IDON on your Ethereum wallet address. It is your Ethereum address that you connect on the Idoneus Platform as the designated address to receive IDON on.

#3. Idoneus Portfolios

The Idoneus Portfolios consists of all luxury assets, goods and services that you can buy or rent with IDON Tokens. Browse the portfolios to see the many real estate, diamonds and fine art items that are currently part of the selection. We are adding new items on a weekly basis, so make sure to visit the portfolio often. Note: to access the Private Portfolio, additional requirements apply.

# 4. How It All Works Together

A. after you have created your Idoneus Account (#1), and set up your Digital Wallet (#2), you can receive IDON from Idoneus on your Digital Wallet (#2).

B. with the IDON you hold in your Digital Wallet (#2), you can spend them on purchases or rentals of assets from the Idoneus Portfolio (#3).

C. you can also use IDON as means of payment or exchange of value with anyone that accepts it, both inside and outside of the Idoneus Ecosystem.

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