Stefania Minutaglio

Senior Advisor, Fine Art

Stefania Minutaglio is an Art Dealer and an Art Advisor based in Rome, Italy and in Miami, Florida where she operates the galleries she has founded. As an Art Dealer, she is mainly concerned in trading in Old Masters and the so called “blue chip” art, whose value and position in the auction market has been solidified by exceptional sales volumes over the course of several years, and is therefore reliably profitable and expected to hold or increase its economic value.

As an Art Advisor, she personally follows her clients in the acquisition and management of their private collections. Her mission is to meet the expectations of mindful, apprised collectors and connoisseurs who don’t just “buy with the ear” and don’t get influenced by fashions, but expresse purposeful and responsive purchasing choices.

She combines genuine passion and entrepreneurial attitude to a deep experience of the art market as an insider, though remaining constantly open to growth and knowledge. Stefania is a Member of UEEA (Unione Europea Esperti Arte), CEA (Concilio Europeo Arte), IACCSE (Italy – America Chamber of Commerce SouthEast), BNI (Business Network International).

She actually is one of the few art dealers worldwide who can claim a specific expertise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain for the art industry.