Published in UAE Times – Blaise Carroz and IDONEUS Bringing A Secure, Digital, Value Exchange

“The measure of an organization is how it responds to adversity, and many businesses went into retreat during the pandemic. At Idoneus, we recognized the vital role that high-value assets can play in managing risk and securing value in uncertain economic conditions and the acceleration of the role of digital business models in the global economy. That’s why we refused to retreat and chose to run towards the opportunity. We launched the platform and the IDON successfully – not only achieving fantastic results but laying the foundation for 2021.”

In an interview with UAE Times, Blaise Carroz, Vice President of Global Acquisitions at Idoneus, talks about the origins of Idoneus, the strategies it is employing and the change that Idoneus is bringing to the luxury asset trading business. To discover why Blaise is excited about Monday’s and more, keep reading.

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