Navid Dean

Senior Advisor, Law & Luxury Real Estate (United Kingdom)

Navid brings two decades of experience in the legal sector and corporate affairs and has an extensive international investment network in commerce including private investors, VCs, Family Offices, and private equity.

He will be able to assist Idoneus Token Holders with law topics in the UK and through his extensive network brings luxury real estate assets and hotel opportunities to the Idoneus Economy. 

He has worked on a variety of matters including tech, high value commercial and residential property assets, and has expertise in advising a variety of start-ups and established multi-national and private clients. 

Navid brings a range of experience to the team with his international network in sourcing real estate and investment opportunities in areas including but not limited to  tech including biotech, energy and construction for Idoneus’ global client base.

Navid earned his LLM Law: Merit from University College London, UK and he earned his LLB Law: 2:1 from University of London, UK.