Idoneus makes Multi-Million Euro investment in “Street Art with Impact” from Award Winning Dutch Street Artist, JDL

  • A series of four paintings valued at over €2.5M.
  • JDL, an artist with a global reputation for impact and value.
  • Includes a one-off, special commission of immense scale and impact.

ZUG, Switzerland December 1, 2021 Idoneus is further cementing its reputation for identifying, sourcing and providing its clients, assets of the highest value and the highest impact through a landmark acquisition of four works of art from the Award Winning Dutch Street Artist, JDL.

Jarrett Preston, CEO Idoneus, states As a purpose-driven organisation, we invest in not only work of high value, but also people and assets that have impact. Judith is a great fit as she not only has talent, and produces art of the highest value for our clients, she also seeks impact in her own life through her work with charities helping individuals who are less fortunate”.

JDL Street art, aka Judith de Leeuw, started using aerosol cans at the age of 15 as a rebel on the street seeking a creative outlook to express her emotions. The multiple award-winning artist was born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2015 she graduated in Art & Design which was followed by a degree at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2016. Her art evolved quickly, as she became an established artist in a very short period. Currently, JDL travels worldwide as an international artist with a passion to reveal her large-scale murals to the community. JDL uses her art to translate emotion, but the concepts are deeply themed around her surroundings and social issues. This is also a reason for JDL’s big love for public space. Over the years, her projects have guided her around the globe, including Europe, Asia, and the United States where she has been able to tune into her surroundings and express  moving messages related to the social components and issues at each location.

Many will agree that JDL’s works are  truly unique and thought provoking which is a response that is greatly respected throughout the world. The series of four paintings serve to highlight the issues of our world including child trafficking and issues of diversity. The collection being acquired is of high value, rare and includes a special commission measuring some 26ft x 14ft that is set to be truly memorable.

JDL Street Art, aka Judith de Leeuw, states “I am excited about this moment with Idoneus. The Idoneus platform gives me an accessible opportunity to ‘trade’ my work for other assets, where I can easily gain access to other products without too many complications. It makes the process easier, shorter, and more accessible for me to create financial growth in my donations to charity projects.” 

JDL spends 95% of her year in charity and non-profit projects. For instance, her past projects included raising awareness on racism, child trafficking, war children, animal extinction, mental health, cancer, aids, acceptance of the LGBT+ and donations to the public healthcare for countries in poverty. The 5% on commercial sales that are made by JDL are directly invested in charity work. For that reason, any commercial client is donating to charity by supporting the artist. Some examples of charity organisations that we worked with include the Circle of Homosexual Culture, War Child, Orange Babies, Aids Foundation, WWF and the United Nations. 

Judith would like to draw attention to the following individuals and organisations:

  • Timon Jurisc, videographer.
  • Straat Museum, who provided the location for Judith to create her work. 

Judith will be donating proceeds from this transaction to Giocaconilcuore, which is “a non-profit voluntary association whose purpose is to identify, promote and manage activities to support projects involving children, the elderly or other people (and / or animals) in situations of hardship.” She would ask any individual who has interest in donating to this worthy cause to do so by accessing the organization’s website:

Idoneus is very fortunate to have secured four artworks of JDL on the platform. To see the artworks on the portfolio, please check here.

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