Mourad Belhadj AKA Moore

Senior Advisor, Fashion & Media (Africa & Europe)

Moore utilizes his expertise in the world of media, fashion and tech to grow the Idoneus Economy.

Moore’s career began in the media and fashion industries which led him to develop his international network and entrepreneurship.
During the 1990s, Moore was the Artistic Director for the haute couture and prêt-à-porter fashion house of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Whilst connecting to the fashion world and celebrities, Moore extended his experience to the world of media and joined the management team of the French TV channel TF1 Group. He also collaborated in the programming of many famous television programs as well as the launch of the C8 Channel for the Canal+ Group.

Moore became an Executive Producer of numerous music videos and TV programs.

He subsequently moved in the entrepreneur world of tech and became CEO of the Laser Game Evolution Group, the world’s number one company in indoor leisure activity.

Whilst developing the brand in Europe and internationally Moore managed to optimize his relationships with international partners, optimizing on co-branding companies, marketing and new technologies.

He will be able to cover global markets with specific focus on Europe and Africa.

Join us as we reinvent the Luxury Market.