Mohammed Oubaali

Senior Advisor, Hotels & Luxury Real Estate

Mohammed’s combination of business experience, significant network of customers and partners, and a growing track record of luxury hotels and real estate projects add significant value to Idoneus and our clients.

Currently CEO of Arka Strategy SAS, a strategy consulting firm for companies and institutions, Mohammed is a highly professional businessman and entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience as a senior executive in charge of sales development, marketing and digital projects.

In 2020, he invested in the development of a private real estate network “Network Real Estate” in Switzerland. Since then, Network Real Estate has developed a significant number of real estate projects in France and Switzerland, valued from 500k to 10 million Euros.

Since January 2022, Mohammed has developed partnerships in the luxury hotel industry, offering multi-million dollar hotels for sale in major cities in France and Switzerland: Paris, Zurich, Verbier, Gstaad.