Mirza Muhammad Waseem Baig

Senior Advisor, Gold, Mining, Precious Gems & Precious Stones

Mirza brings over 30 years of extensive experience in the gold, diamond, fine jewelry, textile mining, trading, and export sectors with major and small mining companies to assist the growth of the Idoneus Economy.  He is proficient in importing and exporting on a global scale, he has access to luxury precious diamonds, gems and gold for clients around the world. 

Mirza is also the CEO – Asset Management of MOMENTUM HOLDING GLOBAL, which is a privately-owned asset management group operating in Greece, London, the UAE and the US. The group manages all aspects of administrative, financial, capital and operations of assigned portfolios. Mirza has overseen the governance of over 200 billion dollars’ worth of strategic investments.

Mirza serves as the Managing Director for MOMENTUM GOLD & DIAMOND TRADING FZ UAE, which is a procurer of non-manufactured precious metal such as au gold dust dore bars, au bullion gold, precious gems, diamonds, and pearls from various parts of the world.

Mirza is the Founder and Chairman of the Dubai-based Momentum Gold & Diamond Trading FZ LLC, which has refined in excess of 40 tons of gold since its inception representing over 30% of all gold trade in the UAE. The company facilitates a wide range of value-added products including cast bars, minted bars, minted coins, coin blanks, medallions, and a range of semi-fabricated products for jewelry manufacturing and dental products. The company also acquires and manages gold mines in Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali and Sierra Leone.

Mirza is the Director of Corporate Finance for MOMENTUM GOLD & DIAMOND TRADING USA, which is a subsidiary of Momentum Gold & Diamond Trading FZ UAE, and which procures diamonds, precious metals and pearls from different parts of the world. 

Mirza holds a Master of Accounting and Business Management from Karachi University where he then began his professional career with a privately owned textile company as a Managing Director in 1991. In 1992 he found his passion for the mining and investment sector where he served as the Chairman of the Board for METICULOUS MINING AND INVESTMENT NIGERIA LIMITED. From there he remained in this industry and continues to strive towards establishing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.