Published in Luxury Daily. Why Sovereign Yacht Sales listed the $25M Majesty yacht on the Idoneus platform

With the increased prevalence of blockchain and crypto currencies, luxury brands are embracing new technologies. In an article that published on January, 4, 2021, Greg Terraglio, owner of Sovereign Yacht Sales and managing director of Majesty Yachts USA, and Neil Pennington, senior advisor for strategy and innovation for Idoneus, discuss the benefits of listing the NBC “Best in show” $25 million Majesty yacht for sale on the Idoneus platform.

“The 2021 Majesty 140 is the largest 140-foot yacht ever built. It is a spacious tri-deck configuration, with extraordinary modern design finishes with massive floor to ceiling windows in the main salon and a 2nd level. It has two balconies off the aft deck that fold down, as well as a private balcony off the master suite, says Terraglio. “Listing on the Idoneus platform exposes the Majesty luxury brand to a global market of confirmed, qualified and capable buyers. One of the valuable components of working with Idoneus is that as a Swiss regulated firm, they have access to many potential buyers who have completed a three-tier KYC/AML process already.”

In the article, Pennington goes on to say why Idoneus chose to list the Majesty yacht on the platform. “This yacht is a superb and a highly sought-after vessel. Yachts, as an asset category, are a perfect match for the Idoneus platform. As an asset to buy, they are great for owners of significant asset portfolios to diversify their holdings. As a seller or charter, the utility of the IDON enables yacht owners to cover their costs of ownership and access a new secure and trusted customer base.”

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