Kim Rene Hansen

Senior Advisor, Luxury Brands & Corporate Partnerships (APAC Region & Dubai, UAE)

Kim has 37 years of experience of working in different industries, in various countries and with all types of clients and customers, always guaranteeing integrity and professionalism; he utilizes these resources to bring significant value to the Idoneus Economy and further strengthen the relationship building between partners and clients worldwide. He brings a global network of professional individuals established through his multi-decade career and will be able to identify individuals and partners who can contribute to the Idoneus Platform in a myriad of beneficial ways.

Kim has operated with licensing and franchising, either with his own company or signing multiple global licences with third parties within both high-end brands and commercial brands of fashion including; Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Guess, Baby Phat and Mont Blanc. Moreover, Kim has been involved in wholesale in the countries where he has had offices, supplying major retailers with fashion accessories, gifts and premiums, including: Carlsberg, Lancôme, Maersk, Sony, L’Oréal etc. He also has experience within travel retail, supplying all major airlines globally with fashion accessories such as watches, jewellery, eyewear, scarfs and merchandise.

Having operated his own independent business since the age of 25, Kim has managed to carefully build and maintain a very strong, outstanding global network across different segments and industries. He has had offices in many major cities such as Dubai, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London and New York and has worked in almost every country around the world, which has provided Kim with an in-depth knowledge of how to most efficiently and effectively conduct business transactions across different countries and cultures. 

For the last several years, Kim has been operating his business from Saigon and Dubai and in the near future, he will be focusing on (but not limited to) the GCC region.