Interview with Idoneus | “A New Financial Ecosystem in the Global Luxury Market”

Recording of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce Southeast Webinar “A New Financial Ecosystem in the Global Luxury Market” | Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 at 11:30AM ET


  • New Revenue Streams and New Clients in a Post-COVID World.
  • How COVID has changed the nature of business and is shifting to contactless and digital business.
  • How the COVID induced crisis in global financial markets is causing further instability in traditional “FIAT” currencies and how to navigate the new economy.
  • How these two factors created the need for a new level of Trust and Security when it comes to high value transactions in a highly volatile economic environment.
  • How Idoneus is one such business that is reinventing industry through the use of digital technology, including blockchain for transparency and security, and a native digital asset (or crypto currency) the IDON for trusted and fast payments.
  • A general discussion around the sectors of the Luxury Asset Economy that will benefit most from digitalization and the reasons why.

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