Ina Katsuba

Senior Advisor, Luxury Real Estate (France, Portugal & Spain)

Ina assists Idoneus in growing its presence with luxury real estate in France, Portugal and Spain. Born in Minsk, Ina is a real estate consultant for high net worth investors. She is also an international business developer with more than 20 years of experience in the property management and luxury sector.
During this period, Ina not only succeeded in opening her own real estate agency “INA” in France, but she also led the development of a network specializing in the sales of luxury assets and real estate, hotels, vineyards, buildings and castles.
Renowned for their unparalleled privacy, discretion and integrity, the team’s main objective is to seek out exclusive, off-market properties for private investors, wealth managers, collectors and family offices.
To further strengthen the relationship building between partners and clients worldwide, Ina does not hesitate to cross borders in search of new challenges and opportunities.
Ina cultivates relationships with important local and international companies and people from France, Portugal, Spain as well as Ukraine.
She speaks English, French and Russian.