Hypercars can now be purchased with IDON in the Middle East

Italian custom-made car brand, partners with a luxury assets trading platform to enable purchases with 50% in cryptocurrency.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, February 16, 2022 — Italian luxury car brand, Mazzanti Automobili, announced a strategic partnership with industry-leading blockchain-based luxury asset ecosystem, Idoneus. The partnership will allow customers to partially pay for the Mazzanti Hypercars in IDON Tokens.

This deal is set to revolutionize the luxury automotive industry with this innovative move that not only represents the continued mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency but also helps introduce crypto investing to traditional industries like automobile manufacturing.

With this collaboration, Idoneus becomes the first luxury asset platform to offer Mazzanti’s Luxurious Hypercars as part of their portfolio to their clients. Mazzanti hypercars are available for purchase with 50% IDON, and 50% cash, introducing a new asset category for Idoneus.

“We are proud to be the first platform to welcome Mazzanti into the Crypto & Luxury world,” said Blaise Carroz, Vice President of Global Acquisitions at Idoneus. “This partnership is just the beginning and we have some exciting announcements coming up in the Middle East and for Expo 2020.”

The collaboration gives Mazzanti access to (U)HNWI IDON Token holders around the globe, who are always looking for strong opportunities to spend their tokens.

“I’m fairly excited for this collaboration. We are happy to have connected Idoneus and Mazzanti Automobili, and use this platform to reach out to luxury brand enthusiasts with a solid future-proof solution”, said Alessandro Paolini, Managing Partner at TheMissingLink.it, a boutique family business advisory.

“I am proud to announce this new exciting partnership with Idoneus. Another milestone for our innovation projects to establish new frontiers for the hypercar niche market,” said Luca Mazzanti, Founder at Mazzanti Automobili.

Mazzanti has a selection of five models under the Evantra Collection – Evantra Classic, Evantra Pura, Evantra 771, Evantra 781, and Evantra Millecavalli R. Each crafted to perfection. The beautifully designed slim model will give you the feeling of a race car. Every Evantra model represents a minor yet significant transformation from its antecedent.

The company is globally well known by enthusiasts looking for a unique chance to own one of the rarest hypercars ever built. The brand designs hand-crafted custom-made hypercars, available to an exclusive market.

This alliance is anticipated to drive other such partnerships to the region where the cryptocurrency payments is still in its infancy but growing rapidly.

The Evantra collection available on the Idoneus Platform is visible here.

— originally published on EIN Newsdesk —

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