Hervé Bruxelle

Senior Advisor, Luxury Real Estate (France, Mauritius & Spain)

Hervé assists to grow Idoneus’ footprint in the luxury real estate space within France, Mauritius and Spain. He brings his global network of seasoned partners in order to provide Idoneus with additional growth levers.
Hervé is a French entrepreneur, who for the last 30 years he has been working in the real estate ecosystem as a developer, promoter, marketer and destination creator. He learned many invaluable skill sets from his father who was one of the largest real estate developers in the South of France.
In 2009 he was invited to Copenhagen by the organizers to discuss his experiences as a developer with environmental issues. He is also one of the first developers to use digital models as planning tools and has been invited to several conferences as a speaker to share his knowledge and insight.
By enriching the luxury market with the immutable values of living together, the history of the territory and adapting them to environmental requirements, Hervé’s experience offers a unique value proposition for those demanding economic growth while being cognizant and respectful of the environment.
Hervé speaks French as his native language and also speaks English and Spanish.