Get to know Stefania Minutaglio, Idoneus Strategic Advisor and owner of 11[HH] Art Gallery

Stephania Minutaglio


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Today we are excited to feature Stefania, let’s get to know her.

For our readers who may not be familiar with what you do, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in your business?

I am a gallery owner and an art dealer, a member of UEEA (Unione Europea Esperti Arte) and CEA (Concilio Europeo Arte). I founded 11 [HellHeaven] as an avantgarde gallery focusing on contemporary art and design art. The gallery began as a hub for mid-career artists, but today we also deal with masterpieces from the XX century.

How would you describe your business to a new client?

The gallery, 11 [HellHeaven], will stimulate and tantalize your senses. The name sounds quite different from other galleries, but I wanted the name to be unconventional and “avantgarde.”. The number 11 symbolizes balance, which can be felt within ourselves and in the world around us. On earth, we are challenged to find the balance between heaven and hell, and it’s up to us to maintain the equilibrium by learning and growing from the two.

What are some benefits of the Idoneus platform?

The benefit of exchanging valuable assets use of traditional currencies has enormous benefits: no need for an exchange platform, no external intermediaries, no commissions to pay, and there is always total and direct control of the transaction. So I would say the feeling of being in control and a fulfilling sense of independence is what I appreciate most. Idoneus provides the freedom to decide what is best to do with one’s own money and one’s property in a simple and secure way.

What is your favorite quote?

“If you can dream it you can do it,” by Walt Disney. This quote has always been my mantra, my guide. Each day reminds me to stay true to my soul and dream as big as I can.

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

The stress level can be significantly high in my profession, and if I didn’t have any hobbies, I’d be close to burnout. Dance and music are my lifeline. I practice belly dance and flamenco, and I play piano whenever I can. I can perform the entire Eric Satie repertoire decently and without too many mistakes. But in fact, this is the only piece I can play :-).

To learn more about Stefania and to contact her:

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