Andreas Lakatos

Senior Advisor, Family Office Partnerships & Luxury Real Estate (Austria, Germany & Switzerland)

Andreas assists in expanding Idoneus’ reach in Austria, Germany and Switzerland with UHNWIs and luxury real estate in those markets.

Andreas has eight years’ experience in leadership on the C-Level with up to 350 individuals. He is the Chairman of Caduceus Finance Capital Group S.A., the Managing Director Caduceus Holding (Deutschland) GmbH, the Chairman B.home Investment & Finance Group AG, the Chairman B.mobility move tec & energy AG, the Chairman Skin-deep Technologies AG and he is the Managing Director bycg Consulting.

Additionally, Andreas was chosen to be a member of the innovation.tank®, which provides the framework for small and medium-sized companies to innovate through rapid and cross-industry collaboration.

Andreas worked for the Exxon Corporation and DaimlerChrysler where he managed various projects as an entrepreneur. He has solid experience in project management and knows the financial industry well through his decades of combined experiences.

Andreas holds a Diploma in Marketing with Federal Certificate (BBT) and is a Certified Project Management Associate; IPMA.

Andreas’ native language is German; he also speaks English and French fluently and has good passive knowledge of Italian and Spanish.